With over 3,500 clients worldwide, our Platinum Client List attests to a high degree of satisfaction, and to the fact that whatever challenges new architectures bring, we’ll be there to leverage existing and new technologies, to empower end users with self-service capabilities and to help managers to optimize service delivery.

HDT enables its customers to improve their competitiveness, efficiency and profitability by enhancing the ability of organizations to retain the knowledge and processes developed by its employees in a single organized source.

In the early 1990’s, the software ran on Digital Equipment Corporation’s VAX minicomputer, and was known as STAR (the acronym for Service Tracking And Review). Shortly thereafter, it was branded HelpSTAR®, to emphasise that the ‘service tracking and review’ took place in the context of help desk management.

Lately, we’ve felt a little constrained by the moniker ‘help desk’. We, along with many of our clients, use the software for much more than managing our service desks. At our office, we use it for managing virtually every process from human resource processes, to quality assurance, to our software development projects.

Everyone in our office provides service to someone else – both internally and to our clients. We knew we wanted to keep “service” in the name. After all, that’s what we do. But service… WHAT? There are so many service ‘desky’ product names in the market. How do we stand out? How do we convey what we are all about? Then it dawned on us – ServicePRO®! After all, “If it’s not PRO, just what kind of service is it?”

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